Good France menu: Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* presents the excellence of French cuisine

For the 2nd year, Goût de France / Good France gathered more than 1700 chefs from 5 continents to celebrate the excellence of French cuisine. The event took place during the spring equinox, on the 21st of March 2016, in all participating restaurants.

In collaboration with the French Ambassy in Congo, Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* participated in the event, with their Chef Romain Dossou-Yovo at the head of the French restaurant Le Bistro Parisien, preparing a delicious menu to delight the tastes buds of all guests.

Discover the Bistro Parisien’s Menu for the Good France dinner.

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16-03-Pefaco-Hotel-Maya-Maya-Congo-Brazzaville-repas-good-gout-france16-03-Pefaco-Hotel-Maya-Maya-Congo-Brazzaville-repas-good-gout-france 4

Pefaco Hotels, Hospitality subsidiary of the Grupo Pefaco, designs, finances, builds and operates luxury hotel complexes in Central and Western Africa Centrale. Pefaco Hotels currently boasts four hotel complexes: two operational, in the Republic of the Congo (Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, and Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5*, in Brazzaville) and two other complexes under development, Pefaco Hotel Prestige Brazzaville 5* (Republic of the Congo) and Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* (Republic of Togo).

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