Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*

Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, hosts the 11th edition of the Oscars of the Congolese Press

The 11th edition of the Oscars of the Congolese Press took place at Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, Republic of Congo, on the 13th of March 2015. This edition was dedicated to the late First Lady of Gabon and daughter of Congo’s head of state, Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba.

The ceremony gathered the experts of the Congolese Journalism and press mass media, as well as other leading figures, such as the First Lady of Congo, Antoinette Sassou N’Guesso. In total, 17 Oscars were awarded during this edition, the first one that took place outside of Brazzaville since the initiative was set in motion in 1995, by its promotor Adrien Wayi Lewi.

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