Pefaco Hotels present at the 7th HTSI – Magma Hospitality Consulting Trend Conference

A delegation of Pefaco Hotels attended the 7th HTSI – Magma Hospitality Consulting Trend Conference. The event took place on the 6h of April 2016 in the Majestic Hotel & Spa of Barcelona, gathering many hotel industry experts, such as Bruno HALLÉ, Associate Director of Magma Hospitality Consulting, Pascal BILLARD, General Director of Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, Ricard SANTOMÀ, Dean of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi, Genís ROCA, Associate President of Roca Salvatella, Marc POUS, CEO of thethings.iO , Daniel Marco Digital Director of Generalitat de Catalunya and Chema GONZÁLEZ, Chief Strategy of, amongst others.

Jointly organized by HTSI and Magma Hospitality Consulting, the  7th Trend Conferences’ purpose was to tackle the Internet of Things and its potential applications in the toursim and hotel industries.

Pefaco Hotels, Hospitality subsidiary of the Grupo Pefaco, designs, finances, builds and operates luxury hotel complexes in Central and Western Africa Centrale. Pefaco Hotels currently boasts four hotel complexes: two operational, in the Republic of the Congo (Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, and Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5*, in Brazzaville) and two other complexes under development, Pefaco Hotel Prestige Brazzaville 5* (Republic of the Congo) and Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* (Republic of Togo).

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