Pefaco Hotels takes part in the Africa Hotel Investment Forum of Lome

A delegation of Pefaco Hotels is actually present at the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), organized in Togo by Bench Events. The forum’s main purpose is to look at the region in detail and focus on hotel development and finance, how to drive tourism and attract more than just the business traveler.

Pefaco Hotels is currently constructing a hotel complex on the beachside of Lomé:  Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5*. As a major player in the Togolese Touristic industry, Pefaco Hotels took part in the Forum AHIF.

During the AHIF, Pefaco Hotels will exchange ideas with key industry players about the opportunities that arouse from hotel industry expansion in Africa, and especially the challenges that it supposes.

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16-06-Pefaco-Hotels-Togo-Lome-Events-Africa-Hotel-Investment-Forum (1)
16-06-Pefaco-Hotels-Togo-Lome-Events-Africa-Hotel-Investment-Forum (2)

Pefaco Hotels, Hospitality subsidiary of the Grupo Pefaco, designs, finances, builds and operates luxury hotel complexes in Central and Western Africa Centrale. Pefaco Hotels currently boasts four hotel complexes: two operational, in the Republic of the Congo (Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, and Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5*, in Brazzaville) and two other complexes under development, Pefaco Hotel Prestige Brazzaville 5* (Republic of the Congo) and Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* (Republic of Togo).

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