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Pefaco Hotels commits to Sustainable Growth in Africa

Pefaco Hotels launches an environmental awareness campaign for its employees to challenge energy wasting through the good management of energy resources, prerequisite to any sustainable economic growth.

With the continuous improvement of its facilities, the African continent will be able to reach its goal of electrification. It is therefore vital to raise awareness to improve everyday habits. Cornerstone of the economic growth of these countries, the Tourism industry must lead by example with this responsible model.

Pefaco Hotels is carrying out its environmental campaign in its hotels in Africa and is taking advantage of the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), in Lomé, to exchange ideas with key industry players about the opportunities that arise from expansion in Africa, and especially the challenges that it supposes.

The campaign is an initiative of Grupo Pefaco, of which Pefaco Hotels is a subsidiary, and will be broadcasted throughout the company’s network in Africa, targeting over 3 000 employees. The environmental campaign is a set of good practices to remind the employees of the importance of the responsible usage of water, electricity and air conditioning at work, healthy habits to optimize the overall energy consumption and have a positive impact on the environment. The founders of the Group, Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro, have set sustainable development as the core of their business model.

Click on the following link to read the press release: PEFACO HOTELS COMMITS TO SUSTAINABLE GROWTH IN AFRICA

Campaign: Pefaco Hotels: Sustainable Energy Consumption

Complete gallery in HD on the following link:

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Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* dans le 13ème numéro de Mboté!, le magazine d'ECAir

Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* in Mboté!, ECAIR’s magazine

Equatorial Congo Airlines (ECAir) is a Congolese Airline with an international scope. Leading reference in the modernization of the Congolese air transport industry, ECAir offers domestic and international flights, with famous destinations such as Dubai or Paris. In 2014, ECAir became the first airline to bind the Republic of Congo with the Middle East through direct flights.

Mboté! is ECAir’s loyalty program giving access to privileges and benefits that can be discovered in the onboard bi-monthly magazines of the prestigious Congolese airline.

For the 13th edition of the magazine Mboté!, Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* promotes its prestigious facilities located in front of the Maya–Maya International Airport, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

Discover the Mboté! magazines in the section « SERVICES » of Ecair’s website or directly access the 13th edition of Mboté!.

Pefaco Hotels, the hotel division of Grupo Pefaco founded by Francis PEREZ and Olivier CAURO, designs, finances, builds and operates hotel complexes in Africa. Pefaco Hotels offers the opportunity to experience business and leisure travel as never before in Central and Western Africa (Congo & Togo), in modern buildings designed with high-tech facilities and a service to match their guests’ highest standards.

Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* dans le 13ème numéro de Mboté!, le magazine d'ECAir

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Pefaco Hoteles invité de Telefónica à la Journée Voyage à l’Innovation

“The journey to Innovation”: Pefaco Hotels attends a conference Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the world. The group provides communication, information and entertainment solutions to 24 countries in Europe and Latin America.

In order to offer thriving companies the possibility to grow alongside the technological developments, Telefónica held a conference about “The journey to Innovation” (Jornada Viatge a la Innovació) in the center of Barcelona, at the emblematic modernist musical hall, Palau de la Música Catalana.

Pefaco Hotels was invited to the event alongside other key players in the hospitality, retail and medical industries to initiate a dialogue about industry specific needs, and Telefónica’s capacity of responding to these.

Pefaco Hotels is the hospitality brand of Grupo Pefaco, the group founded by Francis Perez and Olivier Cauro.

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Sommet du Comité des 10 sur la réforme de l'ONU au Pefaco Hôtel Alima Palace - Photo issue de

The African Committee gathers at Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace to discuss a UN reform

An African Committee gathered in Congo, at the Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace in Oyo, in order to discuss what they consider an injustice: the absence of African countries in the Security Council of the United-Nations (UN).

The meeting gathered various leading figures of the African continent: Denis Sassou-N’Guesso, President of the Republic of Congo, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Ernest Bai Koroma, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Nouri Abu Sahmain, President of the general congress of Libya, Secretaries of Foreign Affairs of Namibia, Zambia, Senegal, Kenya and Uganda, amongst others. They all wished to share their concern about African countries joining the Security Council.

Some important newspapers published reports on the meeting: State House (The government of Sierra Leone), Leadership (Nigeria) and Afrikanspot.

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