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Charity Gala: Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* supports the foundation Perspectives d’Avenir

On Friday the 16th of February, the Foundation Perspectives d’Avenir presented on Friday the 16th of February its newly established headquarters at 35 Avenue des Trois Martyrs, in district 4 Moungali of Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo. Besides the inauguration ceremony, many activities took place to celebrate the event, amongst which a Charity Gala, that Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5* sponsored.

Many Congolese and international celebrities appeared during the night, to make their contribution: raising money to finance the « Kelasi » funds (scholarship grants) and the « Telema » funds (business grants), of the Foundation to help young Congolese in the development of their education and skills training in the areas necessary for the emergence and development of the Congo.

Pefaco Hotels, Hospitality subsidiary of the Grupo Pefaco, designs, finances, builds and operates luxury hotel complexes in Central and Western Africa Centrale. Pefaco Hotels  currently boasts four hotel complexes: two operational, in the Republic of the Congo (Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace 5*, in Oyo, and Pefaco Hotel Maya Maya 5*, in Brazzaville) and two other complexes under development, Pefaco Hotel Prestige Brazzaville 5* (Republic of the Congo) and Pefaco Hotel Prestige Lomé 5* (Republic of Togo).

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